更新至 Ghost 1.0.0 Beta

更新至 Ghost 1.0.0 beta1

This beta contains (since the last alpha):

  • ✨ new welcome content including short guides for all the main aspects of using and customising Ghost
  • ✨ a feature tour to highlight key features and UI elements
  • 🚀 imports from LTS blogs will now work - this is the official migration path to 1.0
  • 🎨 improved errors and warnings for themes that need updates for 1.0
  • ⚠️ a new ?formats= query param for the posts API, by default the API will only return the html attribute, if you need additional formats you can pass them in a comma separated list, eg. posts/?formats=html,amp,mobiledoc,plaintext
  • ⚠️ a minor bump for minimum node versions, you will now need v4 > 4.5.0 or v6 > 6.9.0




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